Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Premature ejaculation (PE) is one of the most common sexual problems. According to statistics, every third man who goes to see a doctor complains about short sexual act. Men want to be able to perform longer and gain their confidence back. That’s why scientists around the world tried to find a solution to this problem. Obviously, the pharmaceutical solution would be a golden goose.

The search was a success when Johnson & Johnson was the first company to release Priligy (with active ingredient of dapoxetine) for ED on the market. Priligy significantly prolongs the sexual intercourse for patients with a diagnosed problem and for absolutely healthy men. The lab trials tested it on 6000 volunteers to prove its effectiveness. The drug is approved and sold in Finland, Sweden, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and New Zealand.

Priligy is designed specifically to treat premature ejaculation. Taking the pill in advance adds confidence to any adult man. He doesn’t have to worry about possible failures. Dapoxetine helps to extend the time from the prelude to the ejaculation and thus it significantly prolongs the time of the sexual intercourse.

Do you want to try Priligy? Do you want gain or reinforce your sexual desire and energy? Even though you can do it without prescription because it has practically no side effects, you still should consult a doctor. Also, you have to remember that the safe dose of dapoxetine is 1 tablet per day. Don’t take more than 1 tablet per day.

Compared to similar drugs, Priligy does not require a long-term treatment. It is effective right after the first single use 1-3 hours before a planned sexual intercourse.

Clinical trials showed significant improvements for men whose intercourse lasted less than a minute before taking the drug. When they took 30 mg of dapoxetine, it increased their time of sexual act on average to 2 minutes 47 seconds. When they took 60 mg of dapoxetine, it helped to prolong a sexual act to 3 minutes 19 seconds. In a control group taking placebo the result was 1 minute 45 seconds.

Priligy works by blocking the nerve impulses sent from the brain to the penis, which gives a man an ability to last up to 40 minutes longer. It doesn’t affect the quality of the erection. Many people consider it as an antidepressant because it belongs to a group of selective inhibitors. However it is not true, it doesn’t treat depression or apathy.

You should take the pill 1-3 hours before a planed sexual activity. As a rule, it takes several hours for a pill to absorb into the blood and reach the concentration to start working. The usual dosage of the drug is between 30 – 60 mg for a man of a medium height and weight. The drug will make sexual intercourse from prelude to ejaculation to last 4 times longer than before.

To ensure Priligy works in the most effective way, you need to swallow the pill without chewing or breaking it. It is recommended to take it with plenty of warm water. In one hour, you will be ready for a sexual adventure without a fear of premature ejaculation. A correct use of one pill of Priligy will solve the problems of insufficient erection and premature ejaculation. It will also give back your strength and confidence.


My problems premature ejaculation started when I turned 40. At first, I tried some herbal remedies and vitamins, but they did not bring me a desired result. Then I thought of taking Viagra. Fortunately, after reading about it, I realized that I did not need Viagra. What I needed was dapoxetine because it specifically treats premature ejaculation. I took it regularly for about 2-2,5 months and it solved my problem. Now I have a good erection and I can last long in bed if I want to. In case I have problems with PE again, I will not hesitate to repeat the course of Priligy.